The GateWay of Soccer

2019 Kuala Lumpur League (Div2)

The year almost come to an end, also the league with few matches left before the end 2019/20 season, though there was up and down from the year but regardless, we’re still moving on and many more expectations are to be excel. The road was too rough this year with the recruit of new players and there was a positive and negative side of it, despite the hassle and unbalanced of the team, we never lack and disrupted any plans of the team.

The new players did their best, too many individual skills and experience, exposed to different game plan and tactics, but with time they are catching up and improving. somewhat’ the boys are happy with the team enchantment and hoping for more.

Though the fans are not left’ supporting from the sideline as usual and with a great comment to lift the spirit of the boys. Even as the fans want more from the boys, so as they are asking the team management to make some changes that can encourage many more new players to join the team for the upcoming season.

The year almost come to an end with just one match left this year and we shall go ahead with FA CUP in the last week of January hopefully, and with more preparation from the team management, we hope and expect more improvement in every aspect. Thank you for supporting us, you are our pride.

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