StarJetsFc 2017 / 2018 State League (KLFA)

2017/2018 season and it’s Journey..

It was an amazing journey for the team in this season league under the state league, and we imminently become of the favorite team in the league, though this is our second season in the league and we manage to reach number ‘5 on the table at the end of the season. We also participated in the FA Cup where we met the super league team also under the state league.(HKL FC), we were knocked out and it all worth a story to tell, a day that the team will never forget. Though finding strength in the league is one of the justified way to bring up a team spirit, but despite of self sponsored, we’re still very strong and keep going to make sure the team never loss any spotlight in the league and there is a promising better side of the team in the nearest future to come. We had a very well planned strategic before we joined the league with the first year of exposure and the second year of recognition and we are going into the third season where we’ll produce a very plan and manage team to get into the spotlight of the league, and hopefully we will get there.

Arrival of The New Players

At the mid of the season, we featured some new players who actually gave all their best to support the team and they really did well, hope we can more few of them. We’re also trying to find the best out of them and we hope they are willing to be submissive to the plan.

Proposed Improvement

There will be so much improvement from management sector up to the players level, as we can see towards the end of the season, there was a new home and away jersey lunched, and the boys like as well, and the team promising more improvement to come in the nearest time.

A very Big Thanks To Our Supporters

We would like to thank all the management, the players and the supporters for their love of the team and we hope to see more of this as we wont let you down, we really appreciate your love and present in every games, despite the difficulties, you are always at our back praising and supporting us, thank you so much.

Next Season

We are on season break, and the next season shall resume by November probably, and now the team is on the midst of preparation to find the replacement for the injured players. But before the new season, we will participate in some social league that are recognized and well manage.



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